Travel Health & Vaccination in Kuala Lumpur

Travel health is growing and important part of our practice as many travellers are visiting further afield and undertaking increasingly adventurous activities in various countries all over the world.

Every traveller is exposed to risk of infections depending on the country they are visiting. These services can be provided to both leisure and business travellers. Ensuring safe and healthy travel is our top priority.

Vaccination for Travellers

Travellers are often exposed to travel-related illness and communicable diseases such as:

What's included in our Travel Health service?

Berkat OSH provides medical consultancy in advance of travel and in the result of travel-related illnesses. Both of our clinics have well-trained doctors and nurses capable of catering to the needs of the travellers, both in advance of and during travel.

Our services include:

I. Travel Risk Assessments

Travelers are exposed to various risks when they travel from one country to another. Travel Risk Assessments focus on the traveller’s current health and proposed destinations. Travelers are given detailed questionnaires that include proposed destinations, purpose of travel, and travel history.

That information along with current WHO information is used to design Medical Travel Kits and recommendations for specific types of travel insurance.

II.Travel Health Screening and Recommendations

Travellers generally are unaware of the current biological situation or risks that exist in the country they are going to visit. Our doctors can provide travellers with information they need and expert consultation on the vaccines they should take to avoid infections.

Travellers will be given specific information about vaccines and prescriptions required to maintain health and prevent illness in the area of their travel. They will also receive health and safety tips to follow while travelling.

III. Scheduled Program of Vaccinations

Our doctors will also suggest a schedule of dates for any necessary vaccinations and help travellers find a vaccination centre they might need while they are overseas.

IV. Up-to-date travel health advice and health information

Our Doctors constantly monitor current information from the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and International Society Travel Medicine (ISTM) and receive current reports from those agencies which are used to properly advise travellers of current risks and situations.

V. Administration of Vaccines and Medication

Both of our clinics can provide all manner of traveller vaccinations and medications including for:

VI. Provision of Medical Travel Kits

Berkat OSH can provide travellers with personalised and customised Medical Travel Kits based on their personal history and needs, as well as the regions and countries they intend to visit. These will contain regular prescription medication needed during the duration of the trip as well as other medication according to the traveller’s health status. The Medical Travel Kits will also contain basic first aid contents that will assist with accidents and minor injuries.

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