(UDAT) Drugs & Alcohol Test in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Our clinics provide comprehensive Drug/Alcohol Screening and Testing for all level of employees.

Not only is such testing a business necessity, but it also is consistent with our mission to help maintain the safest and healthiest working environment possible for all employees.

What's included in our D&A test?

We have the knowledge, experience and the facilities to fully support and assist you in managing this issue discreetly and effectively.

(UDAT) Drug and alcohol testing can be done in our clinics, and we also provide on-site urine testing as needed or requested by clients at their office or any location decide by clients. Should the need arise we have staff ready and able to travel to your job location to carry our ad-hoc testing services. We are fully capable of conducting tests for the substances abuse.

This group is typically screened for the oil and gas industry:

We can also screen other substances as well as alcohol at your request or as per your needs.

Need more info about our drug & alcohol test?

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Ahmed Hassanin
Kuala Lumpur